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Now that we're well into summer and haven't heard/seen anything more, the coming autoshow season might hold details on the LC-F.

Just read about how a Lexus executive said in an interview that the GS and GS-F are very relevant models, even today. An interesting statement considering the current GS generation is OLD and is on its way out soon. Hopefully ending with a Track Edition like the RC-F. At least from this we can say positive sales performance of the GS-F and the RC-F makes for an even stronger business case for Lexus to pump more money into the F program

Quotes from that Lexus executive on the GS:
  • "On GS, although it is a little older, it achieved our plan for the year and it seems to be holding up well considering its age,”
  • "It fits really well with our lineup and we continue to invest in it and keep it. We feel it’s an important part of our lineup and it continues to meet our expectations.”
  • "We’ll be making the appropriate announcements [on the GS successor] at later and undecided date.”

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