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AMG GTS vs LC500 looking for help

Full disclosure, I have NOT yet dropped the cash to purchase a LC but am really close. Iv'e narrowed it down to two cars that I could see myself driving as toys. I know one is a 4 seater (ya right), one is more sport oriented and that is fine with me.

My thoughts:

I love lexus cars in general, reliability is important to me... I've had a few Lexus cars and have always been satisfied.

I really like the way the LC looks but I REALLY like the look of the GTS.

There really is not much for reviews that talk about "reliabilty" of either the LC or the GTS. All of them are raving about both cars performance this performance that blah blah blah.

I live 300 miles from the nearest benz dealer and 400 miles from the nearest lexus dealer so Reliability is a priority.(I do have a toyota dealer that if approved by Lexus can service it.

Help me decide!!
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Im trying to delete this thread??? i added my thoughts/question to an already existing similar thread
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I had the AMG, bought it brand new and had it shipped to me in another state, assuming it was a comfortable size and fit. I kept it 9 months and sold it... I wouldn't take one if it was given to me, again. I am 6ft tall with a long inseam (36), this car is designed for shorter people.. it had a cockpit like a viper..tiny.! The seat wouldn't go back any further and couldn't recline any further for me making it very uncomfortable to drive..the exhaust note is so loud, it was obnoxious.. I like noise when I want it, not all the time. TECH in the AMG is 2nd to none..awesome! Sold the AMG and bought a R8V10 plus..hands down a more awesome car by far.. to die for..comfort, luxurious enough etc my pride and joy!... The LC, I have had now for 6 months as die for.. granted it's not the top of the line label/name brand (if that's important to you) but it's every bit the car and I love my LC way more than I ever loved that AMG.. if you want to save your hearing and are tall, don't buy the GTS! :-) just my opinion
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